7/22/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Thursday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 22. July 2013 20:35

Today I'm feeling rough - like a bus hit me or I have the flu. I'm just bone tired and lethargic. I'm thinking this could be because I had pretty much zero iron yesterday. When I was at my doctor's appointment on Monday she said my iron count was low and that I have to up the red meat or start taking iron supplements. No way in hell - I refuse. The iron supplements make you nauseous (which I already am 90% of the time) and possibly constipated (not going through that again either). Yes, yes, I know if you read my blog you must be thinking, "Really? This girl is always sick with something." That's how I've been all my life and I'm sick of explaining it to people that are never sick and think I'm just being dramatic. Trust me, I don't want gestational diabetes, I don't want to feel like crap from low iron, and I don't want morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy. I will make it my goal not to whine and complain too much about my being irritable but it would be nice if those people out there who never get sick could be a little more empathetic. Unfortunately, I do have a lot of symptoms, therefore I will continue to write about them so I can inform readers of what they, too, make experience. LOL, see, I feel like I need to make excuses as to why I would write about all my prego symptoms on my Healthy Journal blog. Silly isn't, it? Moving on from my "soap box" about all the lucky ones out there that never get more than a cold, I'm in a tough place not really liking food right now. It's hard to improve the iron count when I pretty much hate meat and vegetables. I can stomach a little veggies and meat throughout the week but not much. I must come up with some more creative ways to get my iron because I refuse to resort to supplements! THURSDAY Breakfast - 2 egg whites, 1 Morning Star Veggie Sausage, 100 cal English Muffin 3/4 cup strawberries 1 cup fat-free organic milk Lunch - 1 cup Oatmeal Square Cereal (not feeling very well) Snack - Nectarine Dinner - Spinach and low-fat cheese cubes over 2 oz. rice Snack - 100 calorie pack

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