Physician owned surgical hospitals---good or bad?

by Dr. Robert Benza, MD 22. November 2013 08:56

dr. robert benza

As a surgeon over the years,  I have operated in many environments including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and now a physican owned surgical hospital.  In this physicians opinion, all of these facilities have been good environments, but the physician run hospital has been the most efficient facility and most rewarding for the patients and physicians.  My results in this facility have been the best in my career.  The infection rate has been at a minimum and patient satifaction at a maximum. On a weekly basis, I hear patients tell me that this was their best experience they have had with a procedure.
Why would patients feel this way? In my opinion, physicians should know health care and patient care better than anyone else. The facility was designed by physicians in order to maximize the patients best experience. In addition, staff members have an extremely high work satisfaction since they applied for positions knowing the physicians who work in that particular facility. They have more say and involvement in the care of the patient and protocols can be changed for the better since its not such a huge facility. Our center performs many types of inpatient and outpatient procedures including Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Podiatry, G.I. and Pain Management just to mention a few.
How has the new health care plan effected these centers? There are approximately 200 physician owned hospitals in the country. Unfortunately, our NEW health care plan which was signed by our president in early 2010 prevents any new centers to be built with this type of physician ownership. Politics and business, not patient results, apparently drive these type of decisions. Existing centers may continue but they are not allowed to add 1 hospital bed or 1 new operating room. This is essentially telling a business that they cannot grow which would ultimately limit their success. As a patient and voter, you have the power to help our government make the right decisions. If you have had a good experience in one of these type of facilities, contact your Congressman and share your experience which will help America continue to provide the best health care in the world.

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