Higher Oral Bacteria Population May Cause Bad Breath

by Dr. James Springer 20. December 2013 07:52

Dr. James Springer

Unhealthy patterns of bacteria established in the mouth (not poor oral hygiene) may be cause of bad breath.  Reasearchers found that one group had noticeably lower levels of sulfur compounds but higher levels of bacterial levels.  The results of this investigation clearly demonstrate that oral malodor is a symptom based on the characteristic occupation of indigenous oral bacterial populations, rather solely on bacterial overgrowth due to poor oral hygiene.
JADA, Vol. 141   http://jada.ada.org   July 2010


  • 50's heart throb James Dean had no front teeth!  He wore a bridge.
  • Some other common tooth remedies from ancient times... for toothache, boil earthworms in oil to put drops in your ear.  To make loose teeth firm tie a frog to your jaw.

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