Thinning front teeth

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 18. May 2014 07:00

Many patients have chips and thinning of the front teeth. This can occur on both the top teeth and bottom teeth. When this occurs, the bite is not stable and can rapidly deteriorate further. The wear on front teeth can be very different from worn back teeth. They can be part of the same problem or completely serparate issues. Often these teeth will exhibit cracks, craze lines and notching at the gum line. These are not normal and the underlying cause should be addressed. If a patient does not have enough room to function (eating and speech), then the lower jaw interferes with the upper teeth causing these problems. It can be related to strictly the position of the teeth, or the position of the jaw joint (TMJ). Once this thinning occurs, and the enamel has been worn away, the wear will get worse in shorter periods of time. Other factors can acclerate the progression, especially acid on the front teeth, such as soda and citrus fruits.

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