Vitamin C’s new role in the eye and brain - Drs. G and M Pearsall

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 29. August 2014 09:55

Our physicians have long known the benefits of vitamin-C as both a daily supplement and also its importance in high doses when used in  IV infusions. New research from the Oregon Health & Science University is now showing that vitamin-C has an even more important role in helping your eyes and brain. It was found that cells in the retina need to be "bathed" in relatively high doses of vitamin C to function properly. They believe that because the retina is part of the central nervous system, it is also suggested that there is a direct link between the brain and the need for vitamin C.  When there is an absence of vitamin C it was found that GABA-type receptors in the retinal cells stopped functioning properly. In-fact, it is implied that a diet rich in vitamin C could have effects that may help prevent or treat retinal diseases such as glaucoma. Most animals don’t have to worry about getting enough vitamin C in their diets because they can synthesize their own. However, humans lack an enzyme necessary for such synthesis and must obtain vitamin C through their diet or supplementation.

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