How to make that replacement front tooth look natural at the gumline- Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 9. September 2014 07:00

How do you make that new replacement for a missing front tooth look natural at the gum line? The key to a natural appearing false tooth at the gum line is to have the tooth look like it is growing out from the gum. I am talking about a false tooth on a fixed bridge, not a partial denture. False teeth are often made to rest over the gum tissue and when compared to the adjacent teeth, look completely different. By contouring the gum tissue before the bridge is placed, the gum can begin to heal in the proper way with the temporary bridge in place. This way, a indentation in the gum develops correctly and the tooth looks like it is growing out from the existing gum tissue and not resting on top. Teeth resting on top of the gum often have a space underneath  that can be a food trap and just look fake. Talk to your dentist before replacing a missing tooth with a permanent bridge to ensure you get the outcome that you expected.

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