01/26/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 27. January 2015 05:57

If you want to see slimming results abdominals, you have to develop a plan of attack. The plan has to include exercise and a healthy food plan. You will not achieve a bikini abs region without a healthy eating plan even if you are doing a well-rounded abdominal and low back exercise plan.

A calorie is not just a calorie. A 100 calorie cookie vs. 100 calories of vegetables (which is a lot of food), fruits, or lean protein won't nutritionally impact your body the same way.

What's most important to remember is that you won't improve the look of your abs region, until you remove the excess fat that layers your abs. This can be done in combination of lowering your calories, eating high-quality clean foods, and doing cardio/ weight training. Not so much, is it?! Well, that's why you don't see a lot of people with ripped mid sections. It's Work!

When you are doing abs work, try not counting reps. Rather, do reps till you feel the burn, and its red hot! Moving slowly through abdominal work, rather than 'speed crunching'.  It is much more effective.

Use a variety of abs-exercises. Try to be mindful of your abs when you're NOT working out (driving, sitting at your desk or standing at the kitchen sink). Try contracting the muscles throughout your day. Visualize pulling your navel back toward your spine. As you utilize this powerful habit, you'll see your posture improve which makes you appear leaner right away!

Most of all, don't give up. Keep trying and be patient with the process.

01/26/12 Workout Diary- Thursday

Arms and shoulder DVD: 55 minutes

01/26/12 Food Diary- Thursday


1/8 cup blueberries (25 cal)

8 oz 0% Greek yogurt (130)

1/2 cup Kashi Berry Crunch cereal (180 cal)

A.M. Snack-

Pro Nos protein shake (151 cal)

Lunch -

4 oz orange roughy (90 cal)

8 oz salad-. organic spinach, 1 tbls sunflower seeds (roasted/no salt broccoli, 4 asparagus, steamed purple cabbage, broccoli slaw ( 100 cal)

½ rinsed black beans (120 cal)

P.M. Snack-

apple (67 cal)

½ turkey sandwich(1.5 oz) on Ezekiel bread, romaine lettuce, ½ tsps. Horseradish/Greek yogurt (280 cal)


5 oz. Salmon (280 cal)

3/4 cup onion, wilted spinach, white wine vinegar, garlic (70 cal)

1/2 cup wild rice (210 cal)


Homemade popcorn(90 cal)

1 oz. 70% cocoa dark chocolate (150 call)


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Comments (4) -

1/28/2015 1:37:20 AM #

Good point about the difference between calories and impact on health.  And the idea to tighten those muscles doing the routine things we do.

Your post on home / restaurant food management strategies is excellent!

Never realized how important organizing food was until I started to write things down. Your point about pre-cooking food items to include in quick meals and planning a menu for the week will reduce the falls off the wagon due to grab and chew moments.  Having the proper food and snacks around (and counting them) is critical to success.

Found this info on mindful eating which you touched on a while back:

And this one as just another reason to write down physical activity:

It all points toward awareness of what you eat and what you do to achieve the benefits that clean eating and exercise can provide.

Thank you for showing the way !

1/28/2015 5:43:57 PM #

Thanks for your supportive comments.
I was in Costco buying my vegetables and 0% Greek yogurt when a woman asked me about the yogurt.  20 minutes later after interacting on par-cooking vegetables and the protein benefits of Greek yogurt, we talked of many of the benefits that you speak of in your comment.  These tools help me everyday manage my weight and help me to achieve my training goals.
Thank you for the links and for sharing your process toward better health with all of our readers.

1/30/2015 9:14:56 AM #

Hi, I've tried the Greek Yogart before it was a little sour. Is that how it is supposed to taste or did I just get a bad batch. It was the Plain yogart but I threw in a banana but still tasted sour.

2/2/2015 1:33:06 PM #

Greek yogurt does have a different taste than standard yogurt but it has 3X the protein.  Try sprinkling with strawberries, Ovaltine chocolate flavored powder, or even a pack of Splenda.  I love mine with Waldon Farms strawberry sauce or maple syrup.  You can find their products on line or in the diatetic or diabetes aisle at some grocery stores.  After enjoying 0% Greek yogurt for a while you will acclimate to the tangy flavor.  It is a great substitute for sour cream in dips and wonderful when you mix it with wasabi paste as a dip for ahi tuna.  Don't give up on it just yet!

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