02/14/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 14. February 2015 20:08


Happy Valentine’s Day

I think that Valentine’s Day can be a challenging day for many for a variety of reasons:

  • If your love life is not exactly where you had imagined it would be, then a day devoted to love can drive you straight into an ice cream gallon.  Be kind to yourself.  If you feel anxious, and looking for a release, go to a workout class that you like, or make yourself a chocolate dipped strawberry instead of a bag of mini candy bars.
  • If someone gives you a box of cream filled bon-bons as a treat, thank them politely, but don’t take the wrapping off unless you feel comfortable you can enjoy just one or two.  You’ve worked too hard to achieve your exercise and body re-shaping goals to eat a box of fat filled,, sugar laden chocolates.
  • If you are dining out for the evening, talk to your waiter about your needs. That is why they are there.To help you order and bring to you the foods that you desire and make you feel good. Ask them to keep the bread basket in the kitchen. Explain that the chef can use spices, and chicken stock to flavor your vegetables, but no excessive butter or hollandaise.Ask for your salad dressings or sauce to be served on the side for you to utilize it how YOU see fit.
  • If you’re having liquor, have one glass of red wine versus a sugar-filled cosmopolitan.
  • If you making a special dinner for your family, ask them to join you in the kitchen and make the preparation a ‘family affair’.Realize that how you plate the food can change an everyday meal into a special evening’s event!  Use those chargers for your entrée plates that are in the bottom of a drawer, or the fancy napkin ring holders.  Try making a low-calorie chocolate mousse, or a poached pear over a dallop of real whip cream or low-calorie vanilla ice cream.
  • The reality is that there are no 'rules' about what "love" has to mean.  It doesn't need to be a romantic relationship.  It can be the love and support of friends and family that you appreciate.  That isn't a second runner up!
  • Realize that you may be your most important Valentine!  Experience a moment of reverence over the hard work that you do on a daily basis to achieve your best overall health.


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Exam cram
Exam cram
2/15/2015 5:25:13 AM #

In my point of view You sure did put a new twist on something that Ive heard so much about.  And How did you manage to make a blog that as smart as it is sleek?

2/15/2015 5:30:29 AM #

That comment was a great Valentine present!  Thank you!

2/15/2015 6:02:32 AM #

Hi Paula !   I totally see where you are coming from.... Understanding that holidays have a different meaning to each one of us, as origins take on the foggy nature of historical perspective, here's my take on St. Valentine's Day......

It serves as a reminder to us....

That life is all about giving..... a sharing of your true self in ways that you might not be able to hold in your hand!

And about courage to stand up for your beliefs.... and commitment to those who matter, (the ones you would go the “extra mile” for, those you consider “family”), when things are good as well as bad....

Stuff that matters every day not just one.

We all thank you for sharing a slice of your life with us, showing the way to enjoy a better quality of life and an unwavering example expressing your conviction for the healthy lifestyle you demonstrate.

Look always to the good in your life. Never give up !

2/15/2015 12:13:54 PM #

I agree Steve.  I've faced a great deal of drama and adversity in my life, but it's all about if " your glass is half empty, or half full" as I always tell my children.
It's the same with weight loss, eating healthy and staying healthy.  There will be setbacks, but you cannot allow them to knock you down!  
You need to talk with others, seek advice, and believe in your path and you will develop the tools you need to succeed!

Janet Cirminiello
Janet Cirminiello
2/16/2015 2:07:05 AM #

The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lot of great information which can be helpful in some or the other way. Keep updating the blog,looking forward for more contents...Great job, keep it up..

2/16/2015 5:39:05 AM #

Thank you Janet.  I blog everyday about different topics that I feel are important to helping you achieve your goals for looking, and more importantly, feeling good!
You can press the icon at the bottom of each blog to have the blogs delivered daily to your e-mail, or 'like' the blog with the Facebook icon to see them on your page and share them with others.
Your continued support and comments are a huge motivator for me.  I know that working TOGETHER makes the challenges of life easier.

2/25/2015 6:31:01 AM #

In my point of view You sure did put a new twist on something that Ive heard so much about And How did you manage to make a blog that as smart as it is sleek?

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