Mouthguards for outdoor sports-by Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 18. April 2015 08:28

 Just a reminder as baseball season kicks off to make sure your athletes are wearing some type of mouthguard, either custom made or over the counter.  People who play baseball, softball, kickball, soccer or almost any sport regularly should consider an inexpensive, “store-bought” dental mouth guard to help prevent chipped, cracked or broken teeth. Mouth guards can also lessen risk of concussion. Without a mouth guard, a blow to the chin transmits force from lower teeth to upper teeth to the brain. Mouth guards work like shock absorbers, softening the strength of force. 

Whenever players are wearing dental orthodontic braces, the risk of injury to lips & cheeks is much greater when not wearing a mouth guard. After braces come off, protect this investment by continuing to wear mouth guards. If clear speaking is essential, such as a football quarterback calling signals, see a dentist for a custom made appliance.

Another way to prevent baseball injuries is absolutely free -- just pay close attention to the game at hand. Foul balls that veer into the spectator gallery never seem to hit those fans ducking for cover and dancing all around. “Headhunter” balls usually find a person who's reading a magazine or distracted or talking to someone. Watch the game. “Keep you eye on the ball” is good advice for everyone, not just the batter.

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